About us

Guns are a lot like parachutes. If you need one and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.

Author unknown

Invictus Personal Protection is self defense, firearms, and preparedness training company owned and operated by Chuck Burnett.

Chuck has been a combatives and firearms instructor since 1995 and spent eight years as an instructor and range master at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, where he taught handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, edged weapons, and rope & rappel.

Chuck is a NRA certified handgun and personal protection instructor and a graduate of the NRA Law Enforcement Division’s Tactical Handgun Instructor course.

He is an approved CCW instructor in both Clark County and Nye County and a certified firearms/concealed carry instructor for the state of Utah.

Chuck is a former Emergency Medical Technician and currently an ECSI and ASHI certified Wilderness First Aid instructor.

He also holds a Black Belt rank in American Karate and instructor certifications in Close Quarters Combatives and Edged/Impact Weapons Combatives under W. Hock Hochheim.